TS-Space Systems Offering Solar Simulators


TS-Space Systems has introduced to the North American market a new range of solar simulators designed to provide an accurate spectral match for AM0 and AM1.5. The new UNISIM range of metal-halide based solar simulators offers performance parameters that meet and surpass the Class A (ASTM/IEC/JIS) standards, the company notes.

These simulators also provide zonal spectral control in two or three zones, allowing portions of the spectrum to be isolated during multi-junction cell testing and development. With a temporal stability of +/- 0.15% and uniformity of +/- 2%, the UNISIM solar simulator range can provide 60 mm to 300 mm diameter target areas at AM0 or AM1.5 using an interchangeable filter system.

TS-Space Systems: 44 1628474040

SOURCE: TS-Space Systems

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