TVP Panels Demonstrate No Need For Cleaning In Year-Long Desert Environment Test


Switzerland-based TVP Solar has released the results of a year-long test program in Kuwait, demonstrating that its MT-Power high-vacuum solar thermal panel can operate efficiently despite dust accumulation in harsh desert environments with no cleaning.

During the test period from July 2014 through July of this year, the never-cleaned MT-Power panel showed an average efficiency reduction of 11%. Five sporadic rainfalls were recorded during the test period . Tested in parallel, the trimester-cleaned MT-Power panel showed an average efficiency reduction of 4%. Rainfall and ‘dry’ brush-based cleaning returned the MT-Power panels to nominal efficiency.

These results prove that no cleaning is required for MT-Power panels, even in harsh desert environments, TVP Solar says.

The test was conducted by Agility Logistics. The MT-Power panel operated continuously and unattended at 100 degrees C during the testing period while the never-cleaned panel showed an average energy production of 3.5 kWhth/m²/day, with an average efficiency of 64.5%. Throughout the year, efficiency levels never dropped below 19% relative to the nominal (i.e., cleaned) test panels.

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