Tyco Electronics Introduces Locking Collar For Solar Connectors


Tyco Electronics Ltd. has released a new latch-locking collar for its Solarlok solar cable connectors.

The new connector latch-locking collar can be applied to mated connectors to prevent inadvertent or accidental unmating, the company explains. The collar locks over the mated connection to prevent access to the release mechanism of the mated connectors. The collar allows tooled extraction, requiring only a screwdriver to be inserted into a slot in the collar for release.

The connector latch-locking collars meet the recommendations of the 2008 National Electrical Code, section 609, for positive-locking protection with tooled extraction. The collar also meets UL 1741 photovoltaic requirements as a solar connector accessory to the approved Solarlok product line.

Tyco Electronics Ltd.: (717) 985-2220

SOURCE: Tyco Electronics Ltd.

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