Tyco Electronics Introduces Micro SOLARLOK Interconnection System


Tyco Electronics has introduced its Micro SOLARLOK interconnection system – designed for space-efficient thin-film and roof-shingle photovoltaic applications – which consists of a miniature, low-profile junction box with integral leads.

The company says the junction box's low 9.3-mm height saves considerable space in comparison to the 15- to 20-mm heights common in the industry. Available with or without a built-in diode, the junction box is overmolded and allows customization to customer requirements. The leads, available in both standard and custom lengths, are terminated with SOLARLOK connectors.

The assemblies can be produced with photovoltaic cables in conductor sizes of 14 to 10 AWG for UL or 2.5 to 6 square mm for TUV. The maximum current rating for the system is 10 A.

Tyco Electronics: (800) 522-6752

SOURCE: Tyco Electronics

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