Tyco Electronics Introduces Residential Solar Combiner Box


Tyco Electronics (TE) has launched the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1741-listed pre-wired SOLARLOK combiner box.

The five-string combiner box offers 30-second, error-proof terminations through factory pre-wired TE SOLARLOK connectors, which have polarity keyed housing to help prevent mismating, the company says. Additionally, its lightweight, low-profile design, which includes four pre-drilled knock-out selections, offers installation flexibility in various residential solar applications. Â

The high-performance UL F1 UV-rated material protects the product from harsh impacts and environmental wear and tear, extending its overall life in outdoor environments, TE adds. Components included in the combiner box are TE-threaded SOLARLOK grounding bolts to establish easy, reliable ground paths and TE solar identification labels, which meet National Electric Code solar requirements.

SOURCE: Tyco Electronics Ltd.

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