Ubbink Econergy Solar Designs New Photovoltaic Mounting System


Ubbink Econergy Solar has developed the FastConSole solution: a photovoltaic mounting system designed for flat-roof installations.

The mounting system is an enhancement to the company's ConSole product. The system consists of tub-like containers that are placed on flat roofs, filled with gravel or flagstones and then equipped with solar modules.

In contrast to the original ConSole system, the new FastConSole does not get equipped with a complete photovoltaic module, but with just a laminate. Mounting does not require a tools: The laminates are pushed into the included u-section fixing profiles. The new FastConSole also requires less ballast because of its new aerodynamic form. At 7.3 kg, the FastConSole is also very lightweight, which simplifies handling for installers.

The product is suitable for crystalline 50-cell laminates that measure 80 cm x 160 cm, Ubbink Econergy Solar says.

Ubbink Econergy Solar: 49 5251500500

SOURCE: Ubbink Econergy Solar

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