U.K. Firms Team On Preparing Enclosures For Renewables Sites


U.K.-based firms G2 Energy and Morgan Marine are collaborating to pre-package key infrastructure components for renewable energy projects.

Under the agreement, G2 Energy will install all required electrical equipment and switchgear in Morgan Marine enclosures prior to site delivery. The equipment will be installed in G2 Energy's warehouse facilities. The companies saythis approach allows the units to be built in advance of the site being ready and, thus, minimizes on-site labor and installation time.

G2 Energy and Morgan Marine have worked together on about 200 high-voltage electrical substation builds so far using this method.

‘By their nature, solar and wind energy sites tend to be in hard-to-reach rural locations, and often in the middle of a very muddy development field in harsh environmental conditions,’ says Kelvin Ruck, managing director of G2 Energy. ‘So installing the necessary equipment and substations in these extreme circumstances holds unique challenges.’

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