U.K. Startup Launching Solar Panel Anti-Theft Products


A U.K.-based roofer with a background in security is addressing the problem of solar panel theft with the SPracket line of anti-theft brackets. Peter Macalroy, product inventor and founder of Solar Panel Security, says the specialized brackets are rolling out this month.

The SPracket comes in two pieces. The bottom piece has three-pronged returns that lock under and between two adjoining panels. A coach bolt headed screw is dropped down; then a snap-off nut squeezes clamps together, leaving no grip available to remove. A washer is between the nut and bottom brackets, so that if needed, a grinder can be used to remove the bolt without damaging the SPracket.

Macalroy says the retrofit does not interfere with the panel and thus does not invalidate any warranty.

SPrackets have an option for a hardwired alarm that links to the customer's house or business alarm.


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