Ulbrich Introduces Light Capturing Ribbon For PV Module Makers


Ulbrich says it has begun manufacturing its Light Capturing Ribbon (LCR) product in production volumes. This patented unit, which was invented by Dr. Ely Sachs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is being produced and sold under a license from 1366 Technologies.

The LCR enables crystalline PV module makers to harness much of the potential energy that is normally lost when light is reflected off the ribbon and back through the glass, according to Ulbrich. The ribbon normally covers around 3% of a standard cell's surface.

The LCR can be adapted for use on standard solar cells with relative ease and also allows for optimization of interconnections in a number of ways by allowing a thinner and wider ribbon to be used.

Ulbrich: (864) 647-6087

SOURCE: Ulbrich

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