ULVAC Introduces Charging System With PV, EV Charger


Tokyo-based ULVAC Inc. has developed and launched a new product combining a photovoltaic power-generation facility with a rapid charger for electric vehicles (EVs). The company has received its first order from Chigasaki City.

The photovoltaic power-generation facility complies with the requirements for multi-purpose power-generation systems, coordinating photovoltaic power generation with commercial power facilities, and includes solar panels, a power conditioner, power supply and a power-generation control monitor.

The system boasts a charging time of approximately 25 minutes for 80% of EV capacity. The system can use utility power during the night and on days when there is little sunshine, the company adds. When it is not used for charging EV, the power generated by photovoltaic cells can be purchased by electric companies through system linkage.

ULVAC: 81 467892192


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