Underwriters Laboratories To Expand Solar Testing Capabilities


Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a provider of product safety testing and certification, plans to open and expand facilities dedicated to PV services in markets around the world.

‘In just one year, Underwriters Laboratories has established itself in two of the key PV markets,’ says Jeff Smidt, general manager of UL's global energy business. ‘Our global customers benefit from state-of-the-art and largest-of-their-kind laboratories in San Jose, Calif., and Suzhou, China.’

In 2010, UL plans to open new facilities in Germany and Japan. ‘Germany and Japan are the bedrocks of photovoltaic manufacturing, research and innovation,’ notes Smidt. ‘Expanding to these markets is a natural next step for UL.’

In addition, UL recently added new equipment to its 20,000 square-foot testing facility in San Jose and now has a total of 20 test chambers. Additional solar simulation equipment (for indoor testing) is being installed and will be operational this July. This lab is also undergoing a 13,500 square-foot expansion, which will provide 35% more space to UL's current PV testing operations by July, the organization says.

SOURCE: Underwriters Laboratories

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