Unirac, Wise Power Systems Complete 1.1 MW PV Installation


Unirac Inc. has teamed with Wise Power Systems on a 1.1 MW solar installation featuring the Unirac ISYS Ground Mount (IGM). The project, located on two adjacent sites in Vineland, N.J., features 4,080 PV modules. It is co-owned by RFC Container Co. Inc. and Russo Farms.

‘We were able to preassemble panels on North-South rails at a location 60 miles off-site. Then we transported them to the site in a patent-pending racking vehicle with zero breakage, utilized a crane, and placed them on IGM with a clip to hold the modules in place while they were secured to the beam, significantly increasing our productivity,’ recalls William Rawheiser, president and owner of Wise Power Systems.

The company boasted an installation rate as high as 70 kW in one day, with a crew of eight, the companies note.

SOURCE: Unirac

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