Unistrut Introduces Pre-Engineered PV Racking System


Unistrut International Corp.'s energy solutions division has released pre-engineered racking systems that provide a support structure for photovoltaic panels in a variety of solar applications, including rooftop, ground and ballast-mounted installations. PV panels can be mounted in a portrait or landscape format.

‘Pre-engineered solutions provide labor and material savings to the marketplace,’ says David Devine, national sales manager at Unistrut. Four new designs will meet the wind-load, snow-load, dead-load and seismic requirements of approximately 75% to 80% of all commercial solar applications, the company adds. With minor modifications, the system can be customized to meet more specific requirements, Devine notes.

With a pre-engineered solution, contractors and solar integrators do not need to wait for an engineering analysis, as accurate costs can also be generated in a matter of days. The company estimates a 30% to 35% savings over custom racking systems.

Unistrut Energy Solutions: (877) 336-4332

SOURCE: Unistrut Energy Solutions

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