United Solar Ovonic Sends Thin-Film Laminates To South Korea


United Solar Ovonic LLC has entered into an agreement with South Korea's AirTec System Co. Ltd. for 25 MW of UNI-SOLAR brand thin-film laminates for integration into large-scale power projects. AirTec will take delivery of the UNI-SOLAR laminates during 2008 and 2009, primarily for medium- to large-scale ground-mounted solar power plants and large-scale rooftop and building-integrated applications.

The company says UNI-SOLAR laminates offer cost-effective solutions for roofing applications because they are lightweight, durable, flexible, can be integrated directly with building materials, and generate more energy in real-world conditions. They are three to five times lighter than conventional solar modules, offering an ideal solution for low-load-bearing roof applications.

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