Upsolar Meets ‘Made In EU’ Certification Guidelines


Upsolar, a provider of solar PV modules, says the company's products have earned ‘Made in EU’ certification from the Institute of Industrial Certification for Mechanics.

This approval immediately qualifies systems with Upsolar's modules for a 10% higher rate through Italy's updated Conto Energia IV feed-in-tariff policy. The conditions to obtain the 10% premium mandate that non-labor costs from European Union (EU)-made components constitute at least 60% of the total cost of the PV system.

Upsolar's polycrystalline silicon modules qualify for ‘Made in EU’ certification through the incorporation of polysilicon wafers from a German manufacturer, the company says. Both Upsolar's manufacturing platforms and its German supplier were subjected to rigorous factory and process inspection as part of the certification.

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