Upsolar Modules Qualify For New French Incentives


Upsolar, an international provider of solar PV modules, says that all of its modules featuring slim frames are now eligible for French government incentives when installed on lightweight roof types with qualifying integration structures.

The company has earned certification from the Institute of Industrial Certification for Mechanics (ICIM) in accordance with standards set forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Following this latest assessment from ICIM, Upsolar's slim modules qualify for incentives when mounted on shingles, flat tiles or slate roofs. Regulated by the Comité d'Evaluation de l'Intégration au Bâti (CEIAB), Upsolar's standard modules with a frame height of 40 mm have long qualified for incentives when mounted on multiple roof materials, including Roman and interlocking tiles. However, a new solution was required to meet standards for lightweight roofing materials.

The slim modules have a frame height of 35 mm and are available in a variety of options, including monocrystalline 72 (with five-inch cells), polycrystalline 54 and polycrystalline 60. All are offered in either black or white options.

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