Upsolar Offering New Warranty Program


Upsolar, an international solar module supply partner, has introduced a new warranty program, backed by PowerGuard Specialty Insurance Services, a coverage holder specializing in insurance and risk management solutions for the solar and wind energy industries.

Beginning Dec. 31, Upsolar's PV modules will be supported by the PowerCLIP warranty program. The 25-year, non-cancellable PowerCLIP policy offers protection through PowerGuard's network of insurance providers. PowerCLIP enables Upsolar to provide secure, long-term insurance coverage to the company's global PV customer base by mitigating risk, Upsolar explains.

PowerCLIP provides immediate coverage for issues such as serial defects and the delaminating of modules. The policy also backs Upsolar's new Limited Peak Power Warranty, which offers five-year product coverage for defects in materials and workmanship and features a power-output guarantee at years three, seven, 12, 16, 20 and 25.

SOURCE: Upsolar

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