Upsolar Supports Bangladeshi Solar-Powered Community Microgrid


Upsolar has provided photovoltaic modules to a project to bring electricity to two schools in rural Bangladesh. The project, managed by Energy Assistance France (EAF), a volunteer organization associated with the Cofely Ineo Group of GDF Suez, worked with a local non-governmental organization to build a 1.38 kW microgrid, which provides enough electricity to light the school complex and includes charging stations for communal use.

‘The impact of this project reaches well beyond the 130 students, with the system also powering five computers and charging cell phones for the larger community,’ says Pierre Moench, Suez Group engineer and EAF volunteer. ‘We're generating more than clean energy here – we're opening new lines of communication and cultivating economic opportunity.’

Upsolar and EAF are also collaborating on a solar electric project in West Africa.


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