U.S. Army Dedicates 4.1 MW PV Project In N.M.


The U.S. Army has dedicated its largest solar photovoltaic system yet, located at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

Developed in coordination with the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Siemens Government Technologies Inc. and Bostonia, the installation will generate approximately 10 GWh of electricity annually and provide an estimated annual savings of $930,000.

Complemented by a 375 kW solar carport, the array will supply approximately 10% of the total power used at the site. Featuring Solaria's proprietary technology, the system is also the world's largest low-concentration photovoltaic solar power plant, according to Solaria. Construction of the solar power plant began in April 2012 and was completed in December.

The $16.8 million solar PV system was the primary component of an Energy Savings Performance Contract implemented by the Building Technologies division of Siemens Industry. Under the contract task order, Siemens will maintain and operate the equipment and will sell the energy it generates to White Sands Missile Range at the same rate it is currently paying the local utility company.

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