U.S. Sunlight Rolls Out New Solar-Powered Attic Fan


U.S. Sunlight Corp. has introduced a solar-powered attic fan that is designed to be an easily installed fan and save money when installed on existing homes as well as on new construction.

The fan uses no electricity and lowers energy costs in the summer by expelling hot air from home attics and pulling cooler air in from the outside. In addition, the fan circulates air during the winter, removing damaging moisture. The fan is equipped with a thermal switch that turns off the fan when the attic temperature drops below 65 degrees F and back on when the attic temperature reaches 80 degrees F.

According to U.S. Sunlight Corp., the fan's unique design allows it to rotate and tilt in order to follow the Earth's rotation – maximizing the power of the sun. A single fan can ventilate up to 1,250 square feet of attic space.

U.S. Sunlight Corp.: (866) 446-0966

SOURCE: U.S. Sunlight Corp.

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