USA Wire & Cable Releases PV Wire With Direct Burial Designation


USA Wire & Cable Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas, has introduced a PV wire that carries the Direct Burial designation under the UL 4703 revision of 11/17/09. According to the company, this wire is the first PV wire to carry this designation.

The cable offers protection from sun, ozone, heat and abrasion, and utilizes ethylene propylene rubber insulation (EPR) and a separate protective jacket, which is the preferred solution for transformerless inverter systems, the company adds.

The cable is rated to 2 kV, with EPR insulation combined with chlorinated polyethylene jacket. The seven-strand bare copper conductor is recommended, as it provides better contact at the combiner box if built-in bulkhead connectors are not utilized, according to the company. Additional ratings include UL VW-1, RHH or RHW-2, UL 44 and UL4703.

USA Wire & Cable: (800) 880-9473

SOURCE: USA Wire & Cable

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