Valentin Software Debuts PV*SOL Expert Version 5.0


Valentin Software, based in Berlin, has introduced PV*SOL Expert 5.0, a simulation program designed to provide 3D visualization and detailed shade analysis of PV systems.

Version 5.0 incorporates many new features for mounted PV systems, Valentin Software says. Inter-row shading of mounted modules can now be calculated, and their positioning and orientation optimized, with each planning situation and possible mounting systems taken into account, Valentin Software says.

In addition, the software now allows for installations that cover a roof a mounted PV system that is adapted to the roof architecture. Single rows of modules can also be fully edited and added or removed in groups. The module rows can be jointly configured to operate as a sub-array. According to the company, the software's parallel calculation and visualization of shade frequency distribution for all of the module rows and calculation of shading in the yield simulation greatly assist in optimizing the planned PV system.

PV*SOL Expert 5.0 comes with an extended version of the climate data module MeteoSyn, which now has 8,000 global climate data records. MeteoSyn offers the selection of locations from a map and also allows the interpolation of additional locations from those already available.

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