Valentin Software Introduces New PV Simulation Program


Valentin Software has developed Version 4.5 of its PV*SOL Pro, a simulation program for the design and yield calculation of grid-connected and stand-alone photovoltaic systems.

The new version will feature Photo Plan, an integrated photo dimensioning program. With a photo of the customer's house, the roof and planned PV system can be presented photorealistically, providing all the essential dimensions, the company explains.

In addition, PV*SOL Pro 4.5 will include the climate data module MeteoSyn with 8,000 global climate records. MeteoSyn is a tool for selecting locations from a map. The interpolation of new sites from existing sites is also possible.

PV*SOL is a multilingual program offering the choice of five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. The corresponding user manual is also provided in all five languages.

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