Valentin Software Introduces Solar Simulation Software


Valentin Software has released version 4.5 with Photo Plan of PV*SOL Expert, a simulation program with 3D visualization and shading analysis of PV systems. With a digital photo of the installation site, the roof and the planned PV system can be presented photorealistically and all essential roof dimensions analyzed, the company explains.

In addition to photorealistic presentation, the 3D visualization in PV*SOL Expert 4.5 now offers many new design objects. In the terrain view menu, there is now a universal object in cylinder form and a bay window. The building view menu now has an air outlet pipe, sawtooth roof, fire wall, projecting roof, satellite dish, parapet and maintenance path.

The company has also released T*SOL Pro 5.0 thermal design software customized for the North American market. With T*SOL Pro 5.0, users will be able to select a U.S.-localized version of the software with solar thermal systems and domestic hot water tanks that are widely used in the U.S., as well as Solar Rating and Certification Corp.-certified collectors.

Version 5.0 will have a new program screen design and new graphics. For the first time, the software will include air-collector systems, and there will be a number of new tank systems with integrated auxiliary heating, the company adds.

SOURCE: Valentin Software

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