Vancouver Sets 100% Renewable Energy Goal


The Vancouver City Council has unanimously voted to adopt the Renewable City Strategy, which sets a goal to derive 100% of the energy used in Vancouver from renewable sources before 2050. Currently, 31% of the energy consumed in the city is renewable.

The vote comes after the council initially supported a plan in March to completely switch to renewable energy, and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson directed staff to report back by fall with a reasonable timeline by which to meet the goal.

The approved plan also sets a 2050 target to reduce Vancouver's greenhouse-gas emissions by at least 80% below 2007 levels. The city says key principles of the overall Renewable City Strategy include increasing the use and supply of renewable forms of energy, improving existing and building new infrastructure, and reducing energy use by advancing conservation and efficiency programs.

The city notes that its"ambitious but achievable 35-year strategy," builds on a number of clean energy initiatives already in place, such as the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan.

"By leading the switch to renewable energy to power our businesses, heat our homes and fuel our transportation network, we are doing our part as a member in a global effort to reduce and mitigate the impacts of climate change,’ says the city on its website. ‘We are setting the standard for what a successful, thriving, prosperous city looks like – and providing an example other cities around the world can follow.’

More information on the Renewable City Strategy is available here.

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