Vanguard Energy Partners Builds Photovoltaic System In N.J.


Vanguard Energy Partners, a designer and installer of large-scale solar electric systems, has deployed a ground-mounted 402 kW solar power system at the Fairton, N.J., Federal Correctional Institution (FCI Fairton).

Vanguard was chosen by Constellation Energy, FCI Fairton's solar and energy services contractor for the project, to design and construct the ground-mounted array to border the medium-security corrections facility using 1,872 inmate-made Unicor solar modules.

The modules were made by inmates at a factory in a federal prison in Otisville, N.Y., while inmates from FCI Fairton worked alongside Vanguard Energy Partners and a union workforce to construct the project. The solar installation is the first on a federal prison in the Northeast and was part of a larger energy-conservation initiative spearheaded by Baltimore-based Constellation Energy, Vanguard Energy Partners notes.

SOURCE: Vanguard Energy Partners LLC

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