Veeco Instruments Unveils FastLine Glass-Coating Platform


Plainview, N.Y.-based Veeco Instruments Inc. has introduced the FastLine platform, a glass-coating system that uses the company's PV-Series thermal disposition sources for production of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells.

‘Veeco is now the only equipment company offering integrated production-scale solutions for CIGS manufacturing on glass using thermal evaporation sources for the CIGS/absorber layer,’ states Piero Sferlazzo, Ph.D., senior vice president of Veeco's solar equipment business.

‘Customers can now choose Veeco to provide comprehensive, fully integrated equipment to manufacture CIGS solar cells, whether they choose to use our FastLine systems for glass or our FastFlex systems for flexible substrates,’ he continues.

Compared to other deposition methods, thermal evaporation produces the highest-efficiency thin-film solar cells and has the lowest materials costs, with high material utilization driving down the manufacturing cost per watt, Veeco says.

The company's FastLine systems can manage up to 30 1.1-meter by 1.4-meter glass panels per hour, and the platform's modular architecture allows customers to scale their output according to their needs.

Veeco Solar Equipment: (978) 937-3800

SOURCE: Veeco Instruments

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