Veeco Introduces Wyko NT9100 Table-Top Optical Profiler


Veeco Instruments Inc. has released its Wyko NT9100 Optical Profiling System, which delivers the performance and many of the capabilities of Veeco's full-sized profiling systems in a convenient and affordable table-top footprint. The new system is suitable for many applications in research, industrial, quality control and failure analysis.

The company adds that the first Wyko NT9100 has been successfully installed at Colorado-based Ascent Solar Technologies Inc., for emerging photovoltaic metrology applications.

Key product features of the NT9100 include sub-nanometer vertical resolution; hands-free measurement automation for focus, tilt, magnification, intensity, and scan length; a fully programmable 150 mm XY stage; long-life; ultra-uniform illumination; and excellent reliability, Veeco says.

"Our new table-top NT9100 provides most of the advantages of production-level metrology platforms, bringing unprecedented performance and features to a compact platform that fits into any laboratory," comments John Wissinger, Ph.D., vice president, business unit manager, Veeco Optical Industrial Metrology.

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