Veeco’s New PV-Series Thermal Deposition Sources


Woodbury, N.Y.-based Veeco Instruments Inc. has introduced a line of new production-scale PV-Series Thermal Deposition Sources, enabling copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin film solar manufacturers to transition from pilot to full-scale solar cell production. Veeco's new line of thermal deposition sources for CIGS includes PV-Series SUMO (for copper, indium and gallium) and PV-Series Valved (for selenium and sulfur) for research and development and production environments.

In addition to the new thermal deposition sources, Veeco's suite of solar technology solutions includes metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) systems for multi-junction solar cells and a complete suite of thin film and surface roughness metrology systems, including atomic force microscopes, stylus profilers and optical interferometer technology.

‘Veeco's new PV-Series sources for CIGS represent the industry's first commercially available production-scale thermal deposition solution for thin film solar manufacturing,’ says Jeffrey Hohn, vice president and general manager for Veeco MBE Operations. ‘We believe that our PV-Series sources will accelerate our customers' production ramp, reduce capital costs and provide more reliable operation, compared to currently available sources or solar cell manufacturers' in-house custom designs.’

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