Vela Solaris Introduces New Version Of Polysun Software


Switzerland-based Vela Solaris has released Polysun 5.8, a new version of its system design software. In addition to an option to import horizon data, the new shading editor also enables Polysun users to take into account the surrounding topography.

According to the company, the software is also now more user-friendly thanks to the new controller connections visualization feature. This new feature makes it possible to know instantly how a system is controlled; both the location of sensors (in blue) and the controlled element (in red) are shown.

The shading editor allows users to incorporate nearby shading into the Polysun Designer version immediately. In a matter of seconds, objects are taken into account based on distance and height. The dimensions of the objects added are then reflected on the horizon line, allowing greater precision in site data entry and yield calculation, the company explains.

With a total of 86 new schemes, Polysun has also expanded its selection of company- and country-specific schemes for the design of solar thermal and heat pump systems. The new catalogues in Polysun 5.8 include 7,600 new PV modules, 600 new inverters, 500 new collectors, 22 new Stiebel Eltron heat pumps, 22 water tanks and 16 new Sailer multi-layered storage tanks, as well as other components available worldwide.

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