Vela Solaris Releases Polysun 5.10 Software


Vela Solaris has introduced version 5.10 of its Polysun software, a simulation and design tool for PV and solar thermal installations.

Key new features include ‘Favorites,’ a new bookmark feature that allows users to mark their most frequently used products. Polysun includes comprehensive databases of products commonly available on the market, but businesses mostly make their purchases from a limited number of suppliers, the company explains. Favorite products can be marked with the star icon, and the software will suggest these offerings before other products during the system design phase.

Additionally, a new design wizard for ground-source loops used in combination with heat pumps and/or solar systems suggests the optimal loop length based on hot water and building heating load. The wizard works for both single loops and loop fields and also takes into account the composition of soil layers, the distance between boreholes, outdoor temperatures and other conditions.

The automatic design with Polysun makes iterative simulations unnecessary and thus enables the user to achieve his goal more quickly, according to Vela Solaris.

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