Vela Solaris Releases Polysun 5.9 Software


Vela Solaris has debuted the 5.9 release of its Polysun software, a simulation tool for PV and solar thermal installations.

With the new 5.9 version, the Polysun product database was further expanded to include a total of 1,096 manufacturers. Regularly updated and accurately checked catalogs are an important part of Polysun, making data input easier for the user, according to Vela Solaris.

The catalogs include 1,074 collectors for the U.S. market (2,582 for the European market), 43,621 PV modules, 6,194 inverters and 665 heat pumps, allowing for quick, accurate design, the company says.

Additional new features include more suggestions for inverter setup in PV fields with a low number of modules; a new column for the galvanic separation in the model catalog; improved Polysun PV reports that show certain diagrams only when needed; and Photovoltaics Reactive Power, a new feature through which the power ratio calculation in the wizard also takes into account the reactive power.

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