Vela Solaris Upgrades Polysun Products


Vela Solaris AG has upgraded its Polysun family of products in the U.S. to include the latest data from the Solar Rating and Certification Corp. (SRCC) for all U.S. solar system components.

The Polysun family is software for the simulation and design of renewable energy systems optimized for any particular site and structure. The Polysun family includes three product lines: Polysun PV targeting photovoltaics, Polysun ST targeting solar thermal and Polysun HP targeting geothermal ground loop and heat pump systems.

SRCC is the only independent third-party certification entity for the U.S. solar industry, says Vela Solaris. SRCC currently administers a certification, rating and labeling program for solar collectors and a similar program for complete solar water heating systems. The SRCC label is required by many state and local governments to meet their rebate program requirements, and is seen in the industry as a key endorsement of a solar product.

Vela Solaris AG: 41 552207100

SOURCE: Vela Solaris AG

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