Verengo Solar And Swell Energy Partner On Residential Storage


PV installer Verengo Solar and battery provider Swell Energy, both based in California, have teamed up to offer a one-stop home energy storage and backup power solution for the residential market in the Golden State.

Under the terms of the agreement, Verengo will become a preferred installer of Swell Energy’s home solar battery products. The partners says that among the services offered by the two companies is an energy storage solution that will allow customers to power their homes cleanly and quietly independent of the electrical grid for up to one day – or, when paired with solar, potentially indefinitely. By taking in grid energy only when it is at its cheapest and storing up excess solar during the day, homeowners can wisely deploy this energy in their homes, securing their home energy and saving money, the companies add.

“We are seeing tremendous demand for home batteries, driven largely by advances and cost reductions in smart, lithium-ion battery technology, combined with increasing concerns around power outages and grid vulnerabilities among homeowners,” says Swell Energy Co-Founder Andrew Meyer. “By partnering with an established and well respected installer like Verengo, we are making home battery backup a painless, quick and convenient addition for hundreds of thousands of energy-conscious customers across the state.”

“Swell Energy is an exciting industry innovator and the kind of B2B solar partner that enables us to expand our customer base while doing what we do best – provide California consumers clean, efficient and cost saving ways to power their homes,” adds Verengo CEO Dan Squiller. “With the federal and state rebates now available and the rapid drop in panel and battery prices, rooftop solar and home storage are no longer a rich homeowner’s dream they are a smart consumer’s reality.”

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