Viessmann Introduces ESOP NA 4.0 Solar Simulation Software


Viessmann has released ESOP NA 4.0, a new solar system simulation software product designed to assist solar professionals with the planning and design of Viessmann solar systems.

The program comes with 12 standard system configurations for solar domestic hot water (DHW), solar pool heating and combination systems that include DHW, space heating and/or pool heating. ESOP includes climate data for locations across North America, as well as product specifications for all Viessmann solar collectors, DHW storage tanks and boilers. ESOP operates with metric or imperial units and features the integrated Design Assistant to help users navigate the program.

Users will be able to simulate their specific solar system design and perform system calculations to estimate the solar energy production, solar fraction, energy savings and average CO2 reduction. The program also generates a professional, easy-to-understand report for the user as well as the customer, Viessmann adds.

Licenses of ESOP NA 4.0 are available for a one-time license fee of $99.

Viessmann: (519) 885-6300

SOURCE: Viessmann

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