Vincotech Introduces Symmetrical Boosters For Photovoltaic Inverter Applications


Vincotech, a supplier of module-based products for power electronics, has released two new symmetrical boosters designed specifically for premium solar inverter and other applications.

Equipped with a parallel switch and SiC boost diodes to boost efficiency, the flowBOOST 0 sym modules come in Vincotech's compact flow 0 housing.

Both modules feature a parallel switch configuration combining the fast, low-loss switching performance of MOSFETs with the high current capability and low conduction losses of IGBTs, Vincotech explains.

flowBOOST 0 sym modules are packaged in Vincotech's standard flow 0 2-clip housing measuring 66 mm by 33 mm and 12 mm in height, and are also available with pre-applied thermal interface material for easy assembly, the company adds. This material provides high 3.4 K/W thermal conductivity and better thermal impedance.

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