Vincotech Launches Integrated Inductive Power Module For Solar Inverters


Vincotech, a Germany-based supplier of module-based technologies for power electronics, has released a new low-inductive power module designed for power applications up to 250 kW, such as three-phase solar inverters.

The new 3xflowMNPC 4w features a higher power rating than that of previous models and new wide-body housing. Its mixed-voltage neutral point clamped (MNPC) topology provides maximum efficiency for higher switching frequencies, the company says.

This power module integrates all three phases of the MNPC inverter topology into a new low-inductive package with a high-power screw interface. The MNPC topology cuts output filter effort and filter losses by more than 50% and switching losses by 50%, Vincotech adds.

SOURCE: Vincotech

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