Vincotech Releases SiC-Based Power Modules


Germany-based power electronics maker Vincotech has rolled out new silicon carbide (SiC) modules for solar inverters, uninterruptible power supply and battery management applications.

The flow-series SiC 0 modules come in two versions: the flow3xPHASE 0 SiC three-phase inverter module and the flow3xBOOST 0 SiC with three-channel boost circuits. Both feature SiC MOSFET switches designed for fast switching frequencies exceeding 100 kHz.

Vincotech says the modules are able to achieve better than 99% peak efficiency at a fast pulse width modulation of 64 kHz. Equipped with integrated DC capacitors, these new flow SiC 0 modules provide ultra low inductance, the company says.

The flow-series SiC 0 modules come in low-inductive, 12-mm flow 0 housings with press-fit pins.

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