Vishay Intertechnology Introduces Isolation Optocouplers


Malvern, Pa.-based Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has introduced what the company says are the industry's first CAT IV, high-voltage isolation optocouplers available in surface-mount packages.

Certified by the international safety regulatory agency VDE, the CNY64ST and CNY65ST series products offer long creepage distances and a high isolation test voltage to protect workers and equipment used in high-voltage environments, such as solar power grid connections, the company says.

The CNY6x series of CAT IV optocouplers protects equipment and people from being damaged or injured by a high-voltage spike or transient of up to 12,000 V and a recurring peak voltage of 1,450 V, while allowing data to pass from the high-voltage side to low-voltage monitoring equipment, according to Vishay Intertechnology.

In addition to meeting the International Electrotechnical Commission requirements for overvoltage transients and recurring peak voltage, the CNY6x series of optocouplers features creepage distances – the shortest distance along any path on the outside surface of the package from input to output pin – of up to 17 mm and is certified to be used in CAT IV installations with working voltages up to 1,000 V.

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