Vitex Systems, Advanced Neotech Systems Sign Expanded Contract


Vitex Systems Inc., a technology developer, licensor and engineering service provider for thin-film encapsulation and moisture-barrier films, has expanded its license agreement with Korea-based Advanced Neotech Systems (ANS), granting ANS rights to develop and manufacture roll-to-roll coating equipment used in the production of Barix barrier film.

‘The expansion of our relationship with ANS enables us to ensure that customers have the equipment they need to successfully commercialize products using our technology,’ says Chyi-Shan Suen, director of business development at Vitex. ‘We have seen strong demand for our Barix barrier film, also known as flexible glass, particularly from companies in the photovoltaic industry. Several film-producing companies and thin-film photovoltaic customers are interested in moving to production and need a source for the proper equipment.’

Vitex says it has made excellent progress over the past year demonstrating the unique capabilities of its Barix barrier film for encapsulation of thin-film photovoltaic cells. Multiple companies have been able to verify that, when protected by Vitex's Barix barrier film, their thin-film PV cells fabricated using either CIGS or CdTe can pass the damp heat test required by the IEC 61646 standard.

SOURCE: Vitex Systems

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