Voltwerk Introduces New Central Inverter Station


Voltwerk electronics GmbH has released the VIS 400-1200, an inverter station that includes an integrated medium-voltage transformer and a ventilation and monitoring system. The product is available in models ranging from 400 kW to 1,200 kW (in 100 kW increments).

A medium-voltage switch panel can also be integrated. The station is delivered with all connection and ventilation devices included, and with the monitoring system pre-installed and tested, so that installation in the field is quick and easy, the company says. The station can achieve over 98% system efficiency.

The inverter station features the new central inverters from Voltwerk's VC series, which have an integrated display and are available in 200 kVA and 300 kVA performance classes. The touch display gives instant information on the current operating status and allows the user to adjust to local network and parameter values.

Optimum tuning of the electronic control with the materials and components has resulted in an extremely high efficiency, even for minimal input power, Voltwerk adds. By using film capacitors that are resistant to aging and setting generous limits for the individual component specifications, the company has ensured the series guarantees maximum reliability.

Voltwerk electronics GmbH: 49 40271422800

SOURCE: Voltwerk electronics GmbH

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