Vote Solar Website Tracks Shared Renewables Programs


The nonprofit organization Vote Solar Initiative has launched a new website designed to track shared renewable energy policy and projects across all 50 states.

Shared renewables arrangements allow energy customers to subscribe to an off-site renewable energy project and get utility bill credit for their portion of the power produced. The website is designed to help clean energy advocates, industry and customers track and advance shared renewables progress nationwide.

Seven states have passed shared renewables legislation, and campaigns are underway in six states and the District of Columbia to enact such legislation this year. The largest of the new proposals is in California, where SB 43/AB 1014 call for a 500 MW to 1,000 MW shared renewable energy pilot program.

The site features state maps of existing shared renewable energy policies and policy proposals; an interactive national map with information on existing shared renewable energy projects; and an education center with information about the shared renewables model and best practices in program design.

Vote Solar is managing the website in partnership with consultant Lee Barken.

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