VTA, Skyline Solar Complete Solar Power Plant


The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has begun using electricity generated by solar power at its Cerone Bus Maintenance and Operations Division in north San Jose. The new High Gain Solar (HGS) power plant was built by Skyline Solar, based in Mountain View, Calif. According to the companies, this installation is the first grid-connected solar power plant built using Skyline Solar equipment, which is designed to solve the two main barriers to solar – cost and scalability.

In return for providing a test and development site to Skyline, the VTA gains rights to all power generated by the 27 kW plant.

‘This public-private partnership with a local solar manufacturing company illustrates how VTA is working to leverage its resources to benefit the environment and save money at the same time,’ says Michael Burns, general manager at VTA. ‘Thanks to Skyline Solar, our first significant solar installation is now up and running and is providing VTA with clean, renewable energy and a unique learning experience.’

The HGS system utilizes single-axis tracking, durable reflector material and a small number of silicon cells. The system is designed to be manufactured in traditional factories, which are more widely available and less capital-intensive than silicon processing plants used in the traditional solar industry, Skyline Solar says. The system is also 95% more recyclable than conventional photovoltaic systems.

SOURCES: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, Skyline Solar

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