W2 Solar Acquires Therm2Volt System


W2 Solar, the solar power subsidiary of W2 Energy, has purchased the Therm2Volt System, which converts heat into electricity using solid-state circuitry.

W2 Solar will use the Therm2Volt System to convert solar heat into electricity on many of its solar heat and electricity systems. Doing so will increase profitability for W2 Solar clients and joint venture partners, according to the company. W2 Energy plans for the Therm2Volt System to turn heat into electricity in their mass-to-energy plants, which will increase its thermal efficiency.

W2 Solar has also has purchased the rights to develop Thinking Home Software for Windows. Over 1,200 copies of Thinking Home, which controls all aspects of a home's energy system, have been sold over the last nine years.

SOURCE: W2 Solar

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