Wacker Introduces Elastosil Solar Silicone Line


Munich, Germany-based Wacker Chemie AG has expanded its existing silicone range with a new product line geared specifically to the needs of the solar industry. The line, Elastosil Solar, features several silicone grades, including a UV-activated specialty silicone, as well as pourable, highly translucent silicone elastomers for molding optical parts employed in high-concentration photovoltaic modules.

All Elastosil Solar grades are resistant to weathering, radiation and heat, making them ideal for bonding, sealing, laminating and encapsulating photovoltaic modules and their electronic components, the company says. Applicable uses include attaching solar cells to the support structures, bonding cover glass and frame components, and insulating and mounting electrical junction boxes.

The Elastosil Solar 2120 UV encapsulant is a UV-activated silicone elastomer that cures at room temperature without any additional heat. Curing of the silicone encapsulant at room temperature can take place in just a few minutes, according to Wacker. The product contains no photoinitiators and leaves neither ions nor free-radical decomposition products in the material.

Wacker Chemie AG: 49 8962791830

SOURCE: Wacker Chemie AG

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