WAGO Unveils New Splicing Terminals


WAGO Corp. has introduced the 773 Series Wall-Nuts splicing terminals, which the company says can reduce photovoltaic transition box wiring times by up to 50% through no-twist connections.

Wall-Nuts push-wire terminations eliminate time-consuming twisting or crimping required by traditional twist- or butt-style connectors. The user can simply insert a stripped conductor and push it in. The resulting terminations streamline the transition between PV cables (e.g., multi-contact USE-2 type conductors used in PV arrays) and standard cables.

Additionally, OSHA-approved Wall-Nuts reduce operator strain, and the clear housing provides visual confirmation of terminations. The housing also features an integrated test-port for convenient continuity testing.

Available in two- to eight-pole configurations, Wall-Nuts terminates solid or stranded conductors ranging in size from 10 AWG to 18 AWG. Standard Wall-Nuts models are UL listed at 600V, 20A and have a maximum operating temperature of 105 degrees C.

WAGO Corp. (262) 255-6333


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