Walmart Completes Eight New Solar Arrays In Mass.


Walmart has announced the completion of eight new solar photovoltaic arrays totaling approximately 2.7 MW in Massachusetts.

With almost 10,000 panels, the solar projects will provide 2.8 million kWh annually. Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC is the installer and owner of the systems, and Walmart will buy the projects' output through a power purchase agreement.

‘The stores in Massachusetts demonstrate our commitment to increasing the share of renewable energy that powers our stores and improving energy efficiency,’ said David Ozment, senior director of energy at Walmart, during a ceremony at a Walpole, Mass., store.

‘We believe in helping our customers live better by providing every day low cost and more environmentally friendly alternatives, like renewables. It's our goal to eventually be supplied by 100 percent renewable energy.’

Walmart notes that it has 280 renewable energy projects in operation or under development.

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