Westinghouse Solar Introduces ‘Instant Connect’ Solar Modules


Westinghouse Solar Inc., a designer and manufacturer of solar power systems, has released Instant Connect, a new line of solar panels that the company says are designed to make rooftop PV installations easier.

According to Westinghouse Solar, Instant Connect is a plug-and-play solar module that eliminates panel-to-panel wiring for both residential AC systems and commercial DC systems.

Instant Connect features a set of UL-approved electrical connectors that are integrated directly into the sides of the modules, allowing them to automatically plug together when they are mounted on the roof. The frames of the solar panels – and splices used to connect the solar panels together – provide precision alignment of the electrical connectors, eliminating the need to manually wire panels or use custom cabling on the roof.

The product is available for immediate shipment for customers in North America.

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