Westinghouse Solar Introduces New All-In-One Rooftop Solar Kits


Westinghouse Solar Inc., a designer and manufacturer of solar power systems, has launched all-in-one rooftop solar kits. The kits, designed to be affordable, are targeted at contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners who may have been discouraged by the high price of a typical rooftop system, Westinghouse Solar says.

Each rooftop solar kit includes Westinghouse Solar AC panels with integrated racking and inverters, roof brackets with fasteners, roof flashings and panel splices. Installation steps consist of adding wiring to the rooftop and installing a circuit breaker in the home's electrical service panel, according to the company. Westinghouse Solar recommends that an electrician or other licensed professional provide an electrical code-compliant connection into the service panel.

The kits are available in three sizes. The 20-panel contractor kit provides enough power for about 70% of a typical home's energy needs, according to the company. The four-panel starter kit is intended for small installations, and the single-panel ‘try it’ kit is designed for people who want to experiment with solar on a budget. All Westinghouse Solar panels are modular so that homeowners can easily add onto the system in the future, the company notes.

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