Westpak Receives ISO 17025 Solar Testing Accreditation


Westpak Inc., a testing laboratory with facilities in San Jose, Calif., and San Diego, says it has completed a successful application and assessment process to the ISO 17025:2005 standard. Accreditation of both facilities will be complete by Oct. 31.

The company's accreditation includes a dozen ASTM mechanical test standards, along with the following solar product tests: Temperature Cycling Test: IEC 61215 (10.11), IEC 62108 (10.6), UL 1703 (35); Humidity Freeze Test: IEC 61215 (10.12), IEC 62108 (10.8), UL 1703 (36); and Damp Heat Test: IEC 61215 (10.13), IEC 62108 (10.7).

SOURCE: Westpak Inc.

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